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We're Green and Clean!

All of our products are super concentrated and powerful with biodegradable, environmentally friendly ingredients.  Our Multi Purpose Cleaner has a fresh lemon scent. It works perfectly on all hard surfaces.

We admit, there are some days during those drab, cold winters when it’s best not to look outside. Yet isn’t it worth having clean windows for those days when the sun shines and the birds sing. With Minus H2O’s Window Cleaner, you’ll have the best view in the house. Don’t be surprised if it looks like you have no glass at all!

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. We don’t like to acknowledge our trips to the washroom (bathroom to you fine folks from the USA), and now we don’t have to. Minus H2O’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner makes it appear as if you were never there. Leave that toilet bowl clean and shiny.

This product is coming soon. Minus H2O’s Air Freshener destroys foul odours leaving the room smelling fresh and clean. Wait until you try it!

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Prod #     Name                                   Size               Scent                Min Order
196701    Multi-Purpose Cleaner        250ml / 8oz    Lemon             1 Bottle
196702    Multi-Purpose Cleaner        1L / 32oz        Lemon             1 Bottle
196742    Multi-Purpose Cleaner        1L / 32oz        Lemon             4 bottle case
196801    Glass & Window Cleaner    250ml / 8oz    Cut Grass        1 Bottle
196802    Glass & Window Cleaner    1L / 32oz        Cut Grass        1 Bottle
196842    Glass & Window Cleaner    1L / 32oz        Cut Grass        4 bottle case
196901    Toilet Bowl Cleaner             250ml / 8oz    Wintergreen     1 Bottle
196902    Toilet Bowl Cleaner             1L / 32oz        Wintergreen     1 Bottle
196942    Toilet Bowl Cleaner             1L / 32oz        Wintergreen     4 bottle case

Coming Soon
Air Freshener