How are we different from other cleaning product companies?
Well, besides our catchy name, we’ve also removed the water from our formulas. Other cleaning products use water as a main ingredient, but by taking it out of ours we’ve reduced our carbon footprint. By not having to transport water and significantly reduced the amount of waste, there is less going to recycling and landfill sites, not to mention into our waterways. One 250 ml bottle of our solution makes 33 one L bottles of cleaner. That’s a whole lot of bottles and money saved!

How do you use Minus H2O products?
It’s remarkably easy. Measure out the cleaning solution in the cap of the bottle, then pour this into the one L bottle, fill the bottle with tap water, place the spray top back on, give it a shake to make sure it’s mixed, and then clean away!

How safe are Minus H2O products to use?
Extremely! The Minus H2O cleaning solution is made up of ingredients that are non toxic to people and animals, when used as directed.

What are Minus H2O products made of?
All Minus H2O ingredients are earth friendly, biodegradable and nontoxic. Click on “ingredients” above for specifics!

Where is the best place to find Minus H2O products?
If you can’t find us at your local retailer, you can order all of our products right here on our website (click on the “shop” link above). We offer free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

How Does Minus H2O help the environment?
By not including water in our products, we negate the need to ship water to our customers. This results in a variety of environmental savings such as reducing our CO2 emissions from transportation and manufacturing. Using our products saves 376,165 metric tons of waste from ending up in landfill sites. Minus H2O products are made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients. We are engaged in a program where we sell our products to organizations focused on environmental preservation at a discounted price. We also donate 25 cents to such organizations from each bottle sold.

Who are our clients?
We provide product to anyone from home users to commercial customers. If you are a business owner interested in purchasing our product in bulk, please contact us (see below) for a volume discount price.

How much does Minus H2O cost?
Surprisingly, very little considering the quantity of cleaning product. A bottle of Minus H2O super concentrate is similar in price to four bottles of normal spray cleaning product. However a single 250ml bottle of Minus H2O makes 33 one L bottles of cleaner. Effectively our product costs 1/8th as much as our non concentrated competition. We think it’s a pretty terrific deal for you and the environment!