Benefits - Why Pay For Water?



LOWER COST: One bottle of our product costs about the same as four of their bottles. However, you can make 33 bottles of cleaner from one of ours. That means that our product costs about 1/8th of our competitors to use. It’s hard to beat those numbers.

LESS ENERGY: Our products are super concentrated. They use less factory space to make along with less lighting, less air conditioning and less heating. The result is a net reduction in the energy used during the manufacturing process. In addition, our smaller bottles require less energy to make, transport, and ultimately take up less space to warehouse and on store shelves. If more brands used our philosophy, stores could reduce their footprint and require less energy to operate.

LOWER CO2 Emissions: By not adding water to our products, our bottle sizes are significantly smaller, take up considerably less space and weigh much less. As a result, we need fewer trucks for transport. resulting in a large decrease in CO2 emissions related to the shipping of our products. In addition, since our smaller bottles make 33 times more cleaner than the average cleaning product, you save trips to and from the store reducing carbon emissions even further.

LESS PLASTIC AND PAPER: Your recycling should never be cluttered with packaging (even on birthdays and holidays). Our smaller bottles results in less packaging going into both recycling and landfill sites, not to mention our streams and oceans. Did you know that recycling one of our small bottles prevents 33 larger bottles of the average cleaning product ending up there? Reuse those single use spray bottles (both the handheld ones and the ones on the end of those spray mops) - it'll result in less recycling and waste!

TRANSPORTATION: Since we require fewer trucks to transport our product, we help reduce traffic congestion on our roads and highways. Decreased traffic means you will have to spend less time getting to your destination the next time you drive!

SPACE: The most difficult frontier. With our smaller bottle sizes, we take up less space from start to finish: In production, in transport, in the warehouse, on the store shelf, in your cupboard, in your recycling bin, and in recyling plants! Hopefully, never in streams and oceans.