About Our Company And Products


We’ve taken most of the water out of our products. That means a significant reduction in manufacturing, storage, and transportation costs. In addition to not paying for water, using our product reduces single use plastic and packaging waste ending up in our waterways and sent to landfill sites. Thanks to fewer and smaller bottles used in our products (even more if you save and reuse or recycle the packaging), CO2 emissions, as a result of our operations are reduced as well.

The Right Amount of Product. One little, but mighty, 250 ml bottle of Minus H2O super concentrate makes 33 one L bottles of cleaning product. That’s a lot of cleaning solution We choose our ingredients carefully to make sure they are nontoxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Just as important - our products work as well or better than our big name competition!

A Little Water Goes a Long Way. At Minus H2O, we’re aware of how important water is as a resource. We’re determined to help organizations that are focused on the conservation of the environment, and the maintenance of clean water systems. A quarter dollar from each bottle sold goes to organizations advocating for this cause.

Minus H2O: We don’t add water - you do!